Thursday, April 21, 2011


Five years ago today, we welcomed our first baby, little Josiah David Mundy into the world. 

Even as I write that sentence, I am in shock. It is absolutely unreal to me that it has already been FIVE years!!! I honestly remember that day like it was yesterday. It was not just the day Josiah was born, but the day that we went from being a couple to being a family.

Finding out I was pregnant with Josiah, was a dream come true. All my life, all I have ever wanted to be was a mom, and knowing that that day would soon be here was incredible. I will never forget seeing the two lines and knowing exactly what it meant, but still fumbling to re-read the instructions just to make sure. I dont know that I had ever felt so much excitement and anticipation in my entire life. I screamed and I cried, great big happy tears. It was amazing.

The pregnancy was long and rough, but 9 month later (in true perfectionist Josiah form) he arrived exactly on his due date. For the first time, I truly understood the meaning of pure unconditional love. This being our first born, we didn't know what to expect. And it was nothing anyone could have ever prepared us for. We were both shocked at how quickly and how deeply we loved this tiny little person. Like I have said in previous posts, it was a love so strong and so deep, it almost hurt. I would do anything for him, I would even lay down my life for him.

And he was ours, all ours. A perfect blend of both of us. And my goodness, was he beautiful! As biased as it may sound, he was one of the most perfect newborn I had ever seen. And he just got cuter!

He quickly became one of the happiest babies I had ever known. Always laughing and smiling. And when he smiled, he smiled with every ounce of his little body. His entire face would light up with a big, full on, mouth wide open smile. It didn't take much for others also to fall completely in love with him. He melted hearts wherever he went. The grocery store, Colin's work, the park. He was born a charmer. And had more personality then most adults I know.

It was a joy to watch him grow into a toddler and then become a big brother. A role that he proudly took on. He absolutely adored Madisyn, from the moment he first saw her. He called her his pretty pretty princess, for a LONG time. (Between him and Colin, no wonder she has the 'princess syndrome' so bad)

Becoming a big brother for the second time, has been equally as exciting for him. I love watching him with Ashton when he thinks I am not in the room. The way he stares at him and talks to him, is the most beautiful thing. 

He is an old sole. Some kids are just smart, they can read better and write better. But Josiah just 'gets' things that other kids his age don't. He asks questions that I am not ready to have answers for, and he knows things that most kids his age wouldn't have a clue about. He pays attention to people and notices things that most people (adults included) would over look. This, not always, is a good thing. I think sometimes, he just has too much going on in his head, that he doesn't know how to process it or deal with it, and in turn acts out. As sweet as he can be, oh man can he flip. We have dealt with our fair share of behavioural issues with him.

But that being said, he really is the one of the most genuinely loving people I know. I can firmly say that I know he will make a great husband and father one day. He just has it in him. He will be the husband who holds his wifes purse for her while she goes to the restroom, and paints her toes for her when she is too big and pregnant to do it herself. He will probably even do the cooking and cleaning. Lol. Well, maybe.

I think all parents look at their kids and hope for them to dream big. To become something/someone great. With Josiah, I dont think that will be a problem. In his preschool class of 3 -5 year olds, they were asked what they wanted to be when they grow up. There were monster truck drivers and firefighters, teenagers, fishermen and I think even a monkey. Josiah wanted to be a civil engineer. 

Dream big my boy, dream big.

So the day is here, my little man is five years old. I have never felt so unprepared for my child to turn one year older, it actually makes me quite sad. Why do kids have to grow up so darn fast?!

I know any of you reading this with older children will say, "Just wait till he turns 10 or 16 or even 25". But we are not there yet, so for now, for me, this is a big deal.

Thanks to the wonderful world of facebook, most of you have been able to watch my other 2 grow and change since the day they were born. Well, actually even before they were born. But since I wasn't a 'facebooker' until he was about a year, I decided I would add some of my favs of him from his first year, and then a look at his last 4 birthdays. It is CRAZY how much he has grown up, but he is still the same Josiah.

Last belly picture taken 2 days before I had him.

 First time in my arms after getting out of recovery. (Longest 2 hours of my life!!!)

 Perfect little man.
1 day old.

 First few minutes home from the hospital.
2 days old.

 His favourite place to be, snuggled up with daddy. 
4 days old.

 Probably still my favourite picture to date of the 2 of us.
5 weeks old.

 There it is, the famous Josiah smile! 
9 weeks old. 

 Happiest baby around!
4 months old.

 Just hanging out in Uncle Regans racecar, no big deal;)
4 months old.

 ALWAYS smiling.
5 months old.

 Still smiling!
6 months old.

 And again:)
7 months old.

 Too much cute going on here!
8 months old.

 Who really needs toys when you can just give them a cardboard box.
10 months old.

 1st birthday

 2nd birthday

 3rd birthday

 4th birthday

 And finally, 5th birthday!

Ok, wow. Now I am completely choked up from looking through all those! And I can guarantee my mom is by now too;)

I know that he can't read this right now, but I hope that some day he will get the chance to. When he does, I hope he will be able to understand what a blessing he has been to us and so many others in his first 5 years. He truly is a remarkable kid!

So happy 5th birthday my dear boy! I love more then I could ever express in words. I am so proud to be your mommy!