Thursday, March 3, 2011

A New Kind of Bribery

I remember back in the day -before kids- watching other people parent their children, and thinking to myself (far too often) 'I will never do that when I am a mom!!' Thats right, we are all the greatest parents in the world, until we have kids of our own. 

One of those things, (well probably actually many of those thing, but for the sake of this post I will say one) that made me absolutely cringe, I regret to say, I am now guilty of doing myself. 

You know the mom in the line up at Walmart, with a full cart and two bratty misbehaving children? The one who looks like she is either going to burst into tears or bash some heads together? Then she leans down and utters the words, "If you guys start being good, I will give you a treat!!" Yeah... thats totally me. 

Thats right folks, I bribe my kids. Granted, I don't do it all the time, but they are not bad all the time either. Lol. I like to think of it more as 'rewarding'. But I know deep down, that using a 'reward' to get them to behave more appropriately is nothing but a bribe. But unfortunately, if bribing them is going to get me through a trip to Walmart, or a preschool drop-off, or bedtime, or even just to get me through the day, then I am going to do it. Especially now that I am juggling 3!

There is quite a variety of bribes that get thrown around the Mundy house. There is the stereo typical candy bribe, or the movie or special show bribe. We also have the video game bribe, which I enjoy because that usually involves my husband having to carry it out for me, as I am not so good with electronics. Another one that I am particularly fond of is the Starbucks kids drink bribe. Yes I know that by allowing my children to order their 'half sweet, no whip, made to only 100 degree Vanilla Steamed Milk', I am creating future Starbucks fiends, especially when I am doing it following poor behaviour. BUT, they do only cost 1.00 AND I get to also reward my own good behaviour with a 'grande breve White Chocolate Mocha, add full pump Cinnamon Dolce and sprinkles'. Sounds good to me!

But there's a new bribe in town. And it happens to come in a 9 pound, ridiculously cute, blue eyed, dark haired, faux-hawk rocking little bundle. AKA- Ashton William Mundy. Yep, I bribe my big kids with their new baby brother. Terrible isn't it?! 

"And the Mommy of the Year award goes to..." What?! Not me?!

But it works! (most of the time) And sometimes, you just gotta do whatever it takes.

I have even photo documented some of my amazing results!

These ones were taken after a particularly trying Thursday that led to a particularly trying Thursday night without Colin. The only thing that got me through (other then my standing date with McDreamy and McSteamy) was knowing that bedtime was coming. And I would go to whatever lengths it took to get them there in a timely fashion. Even if it took me saying, "If you get in bed and stay in bed, I will let you have special cuddles with Ashton!!"

So there you have it, another confession from Mommy Mundy. Judge me if you will, but I know I am not alone;)