Thursday, November 24, 2011

And so... IT IS FINISHED!!

As many of you already know, an incredibly exciting event took place at the Mundy residence this evening.(no, my husband did not shave off his Movember stache) I, however, did cross off the very last item on our reno to do list!! So I figured (since it has been soooo long) I would write a little blog post to celebrate:)

Most of you have probably sort of followed along with the 'Tale of the Mundys First Home' via facebook. But I have been told that I have been very vague about a lot of the details. So since the renos are done and I now once again have copious amounts of freetime, I thought I would take a little time and fill (any of you that are interested) in on a few more details of the house and updates etc.

The house itself is a 5 bedroom 3 bathroom town house in a great little complex called Immel Ridge (which came complete with 2 GREAT sets of neighbours;) I have had my eye on these town houses for probably  3 years now. Watching MLS almost daily for new listings. Crying myself to sleep when ones would sell. There are, I believe, 5 different layouts. But only one of them ideal for our family. And there had not been one on the market for nearly a year. So when this one came available, we jumped on it. And then everything happened sooo fast. We held our breath and waited for the rug to get ripped out from under us, but before we knew it, we were clearing all subjects and signing a mortgage agreement. And it was ours!!

Why is this place so perfect and worth MLS stalking for 3 years for?? Well, let me tell you... To start, if we ever were to write a list of our top priorities for a home, at the top of our list you would not see: a massive gourmet kitchen, or luxurious onsuite. You would however see: a bedroom for each of our kids all on one level(preferably separate from main living area). And a rec/family room(more or less somewhere to put all the kids crap) And that is exactly what we got!

It is 3 levels. The mainfloor has kitchen, powder room, dining/living room. Upstairs there is a bathroom and FOUR bedrooms! And downstairs there is another bathroom, a rec/family room and the 5th bedroom. It honestly couldn't be more perfect for us. Except for the fact that the people before us had VERY different taste in design then us. 

Although the place was in fine working order and could have been move in ready, we knew that we were going to have to do a fair bit of work to get it to a point that we would truly love it. 

So that is what we set out to do, and I have to say, we have done a fine good job of it. To start, we pretty much redid the entire main floor top to bottom. We painted every wall. We put in new (beautiful!!) laminate flooring, new baseboards, some wainscotting, retiled the fireplace, replace the bathroom vanity. AND last but definitely not least- we redid the kitchen!! 

This was something I did not expect, but that my AMAZING husband insisted on for me. Knowing how much I love to cook, it was important for him that if I didnt have a big kitchen, I at least had a very functional (and oh so pretty) kitchen. So we changed the orientation of it a bit to give it better flow. We left a portion of the lowers( replaced the doors to match all the new doors) but replaced all of the uppers and extended them by 7 feet and built them right up to the ceiling(!!!) Then we added a big pantry and some more lowers and then wrapped the counter in front of the window to create a little breakfast bar area.

Its faboulous. I LOVE it. I honestly feel so spoiled when I look at it. We added a few custom features that really kick it up a notch. I have 2 HUGE pot drawers and 2 small appliance drawers that help to eliminate so much clutter. And we put soft close hinges on everything. I had no idea how much I would love those! The only problem is, it makes it a little more difficult to prove your point when you are pissed off;) 

We also replaced all the existing carpet which was on all the stairs and the entire top floor. And we repainted our room, Ashton's room and Madisyn's room. 

Madisyn's room was my little project. It is a room I have honestly been dreaming of doing one day for my daughter since a particular episode of trading spaces I had seen when I was 13. I actually got pathetically emotional as I finished pulling off  the last strip of painters tape. But it was just so amazing to see a room I had been picturing in my head for 14 years come together in front of me. Totally worth the many hours of work that went into it!

So I think that is pretty much it. Although the downstairs could use some new paint, it is most definitely not a priority at the moment. I am sure we will eventually get around to painting it. But I will definitely not be losing any sleep over it!

Now we can start to fully unpack and get organized and settled and FINALLY start to really enjoy our first home. It has been an emotional roller coaster. I have shed way more tears over it then I ever thought I would. And I am sure I haven't exactly been a joy to live with the last couple of months. So I am so excited (as I am sure my family is as well) for things to start levelling out so I can get back to being my normal awesome self;)

I still have to pinch myself sometimes, i can't believe it is ours! But we couldn't have gotten to where we are with it without my mom and my step-dad Mike. I could never express in words how truly grateful we are for EVERYTHING they did. They have been over here(from Victoria) almost every weekend since we took possession helping us out. Mom  took care of the kids so we could both be working on the place and Mike did a TON of the work. Well pretty much everything that required any skills, as we have none. lol. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Love you both so much!!

I know many of you are waiting to see pictures. I have been holding off on posting any until I could post before and after pictures together. So we will take some time this weekend to do some after shots and I promise I will post them sometime next week!