Monday, November 29, 2010

A Few Changes

So... you may have noticed a few changes made to the blog. (I know, 2 posts in and I am already switching things up?!) To start the title has been changed. The blog formerly known (even if only for a short time) as 'My Life With the Mini Mundys' will now be, drumroll please... 'Our Lives With the Mini Mundys'. 

If you are curious why this 'drastic change', take a little gander to the right side of my blog and you will find that I have added a contributor. None other then, the one and only Big 'Mundy'! (AKA- Colin, my amazing husband)

Apparently my last post sparked a little something in him. He now also, has the burning desire to blog. Or more so to add to my blog. Maybe a chance to add a rebuttal?! I don't know, we will see! But now you will all have a chance to get a little insight from my other half. This could get interesting. Lol.

The blog will still remain primarily mine. His 'contributions' will, I imagine, not be as frequent or lengthy as mine. But he will definitely be putting in his 2 bits here and there. So stay tuned for his first post!!

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