Sunday, November 21, 2010

Why Blog?!

Well... after months of deliberation, going back and forth, talking myself into it, then talking myself right back out of it, I have finally decided to join the wonderful world of blogging! Why, you might ask? Well obviously it's because I have copious amounts of spare time and a raw talent for writing that should no longer be tamed. Yeah, not so much. But I do have a few very good reasons that I think far out way the negative ones.

To start, I believe that my kids are just straight up 'blog worthy'. Between the two of them they have more personality (and attitude) then they know how to deal with. Who wouldn't want to read about that?! As many of you know, there is seriously never a dull day at the Mundy house. And facebook statuses just don't seem to do them justice. So I may as well just put it out there in full unedited form for all of you to read.

Secondly, all of our family and some of our closest friends live not only in different city's but in different provinces as well. This is an easy way for you all to keep up to date on everything new (exciting and even not so exciting)in our lives.

There is also another little reason. This one comes with a confession that  I am going to have to make... I am a Blog addict. I LOVE reading other peoples Blogs. People I know and even ones I dont. I just cant get enough of them! But with that comes another confession, I suffer from  what can only be described as 'Blog Envy'. Not familiar with the term? Well let me explain it to you. It is very similar to what some may call 'Shoe Envy'. You see a girl wearing a pair of to die for shoes and you start to feel your self fall in love with them. You look at them and admire them, probably even tell her how much you love them and how great she looks wearing them. And you genuinely mean it, but then, something happens, something that you can not stop, you start to feel yourself turning a little green with envy. You think, "Why cant I have those shoes? I could totally rock those shoes!!" Then you picture yourself in them, and how great they would look with your favourite pair of dark wash jeans. Or even that black and white plaid skirt that makes your husband, well, you know... But then the doubt kicks in. You then start to tell yourself that it would be a silly purchase. How often do you really get out of the house anyway, they would just collect dust in the closet. And for the amount they probably cost, you would have to starve your family for a week and put your daughter in grocery bags instead of diapers. But you would still look darn good in them! It is much that way with me and blogs. I read them and love them. My friends who write them, I usually try to let them know how much I enjoy them. But, I cant help thinking in my head about what mine would be like if I were to have one.  Something funny will happen and I think, "If I had a blog I would sooo write about that!" Then the doubt kicks and  I  think about  the many reasons why I should not do a blog. But here I am starting one of my own! Mine will not be as raw and as 'piss your pants funny' as my friend Alanna's. Nor will it be as detailed and as well documented as my friend Sonja's (hers is sort of like her baby book for her boys) And it most definitely will not have the awesome video compilations that my friend Erica has. (Way too technical and creative for me)  But it will be mine, all mine. 

My last, and probably most important reason for doing it, is a little more on the serious side. 4 years and seven months (and 7hours and 43 minutes) ago to this very day, I fell deeply and completely in love with the most beautiful and perfect little blue eyed baby boy I (and most other people) had ever seen. At that moment, everything changed. Everything that had once seemed so important, didn't seem to matter. The thoughts of one day having a successful career and making boatloads of money seemed to vanish. We knew that it wouldn't be easy, and we would probably struggle. We would most likely be the last ones to buy our own place and probably wouldn't drive luxury cars for many years, if ever. But we were going to do everything we could in our power so I could be a stay at home mommy. Then 2 years, 1 month and 4 days (and 26 minutes) later our decision was confirmed when we welcomed our precious baby girl into the world and once again our hearts were filled with more love then we even knew possible. The decision to stay at home is one that, not gonna lie, some days has me banging my head against a wall and slipping shots of Bailey's into my Mini Wheats. (obviously not in the last 29 weeks) But one that I do not regret and wouldn't change for the world. I have never missed a 'first' and I hopefully never will. I have been able to experience and celebrate every milestone, big and little, with them. And I get to witness first hand the changes they make everyday and the little people they become. My job, although as tiring and down right frustrating as it can be, is far more rewarding and fulfilling then anything else I could ever imagine doing. I am a proud mommy, and so, I will write!

So there you have it, my very first post. I have officially lost my 'blogging virginity'. I hope you have all enjoyed it and are looking forward to continuing to read about my life with the Mini Mundy's. (You can also be looking forward to many spelling, punctuation and grammar errors and I am sure loads and loads of run on sentences. So consider yourself warned!!)


  1. yay! I'm so glad you're blogging. I have a blog too, or did you already know that???

  2. and can I just make one little grammatical correction for you that someone made for me when I started my blog? Otherwise I don't think I'l be able to read it (kidding!). Your title - there shouldn't be an apostrophe in "Mini Mundys" ... just sayin'.

  3. Welcome to the addictive world of blogging!

  4. Oh man... the pressure is now on...time to update mine! Looks great Kandis!